Ah, the old 'Statement vs. Stud' debate. Women tend to root for either earring “team”.

I’d like to help settle the sides.

The Statement Earrings.

{savannah earrings 30.}

When to wear and how? This is the “queen bee” of the jewelry box. They work best with a really simple necklace (or none at all). I love them when the hair is pulled back. Why hide beautiful earrings? It’s just plain wrong.  They look amazing with short hair, it’s super feminine. Try not to be too matchy. Wear a statement earring in a contrasting color to an outfit, i.e. fuschia earrings with a navy top.

The Stud Earrings.

{sierra earrings 15.}

When to wear and how? If the statement is the “queen”, the stud is the “worker bee” of the jewelry box. Wear them every day. To school. To work. To the gym. Out for lunch. They are a great option if you’re wearing your hair down, they look so pretty peeking out. Wear them with a simple necklace. But my favorite time to wear studs is when wearing a fabulous statement necklace. You don’t want anything to take away from the necklace, but you don’t want to leave your ears bare.

I suggest picking one accessory to make a splash...earrings or necklace, but not both.

So who wins? It’s a straight up tie.

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