How to Wear a Long or Short Necklace

I really love necklaces. I have simple necklaces. I have statement necklaces. I have long necklaces. I have short necklaces. Sometimes it gets confusing how to wear all the different types.
For simplicity sake, today let's focus on the long necklace and the short necklace.
The Long Necklace...
I have worn the Joy Necklace to work, to a fundraiser, and most recently a wedding. I dress it up. I dress it down.
A long necklace is so versatile. It looks best with tank tops, scoop, crew and boat neck tops, and even turtlenecks. A long necklace will lengthen your look (who doesn't want to look taller!?), and adds a little extra fun to an outfit.
The reason I love this one so much? It's simple. It's already layered for me. It has a hint of sparkle without looking "too" dressy which is why it can be worn so many ways.
Okay, now
The Short Necklace...

Short necklaces are perfect for any occasion. But how and when to wear a short necklace? Like the long necklace, it looks best with a crew or scoop neckline, but also with a strapless dress or top.
Why is this Basket Necklace so amazing? It's a new twist on the classic gold chain, plus it's inspired by the classic basket weavings of Nantucket. New England nod? Always.
I've said it before and I will say it again until you NOT wait to wear your necklaces. As you can see with the Joy and the Basket Necklaces, they don't have to be super colorful and full of "bling" to be beautiful. They can be chic and simple, and you will be AMAZED and how it will liven up a understated top or complement your 'go-to' dress.
Let us know if you have any questions about how or when to wear an accessory....we would love to help!
April 21, 2015 — Courtney Libby

Layer Up

Everyone needs to have a favorite every day necklace. One you can wear with anything, and it should hold some meaning.
My style tip for is to try layering your necklaces. It's such an easy and modern way to tell your 'story' (or at least how you're feeling that day!). Change it up, mix your metals, and have fun.
Personally, I go through phases, but my every day necklace for the last few months is Dogeared​'s original {karma} necklace. I have it in silver and gold. It's pretty, simple and when anyone asks about it, it's a universal reminder. Who doesn't believe in karma?!
After this post, I'm feeling like I need the Massachusetts and Rhode Island necklaces to layer. Raised in MA, but in RI for the last 10 years, it might be time to update my 'story':)

How to Turn your Scarf into Infinity

I'm really excited about this week's style tip. We all love scarves, right? Well, once the fashion world introduced us to the infinity scarf, I wondered how we went so long without this fantastic invention.

Then something sad happened. I ignored all of my regular scarves because they felt too cumbersome. Toting two toddlers around will seriously make anyone reconsider any extra unnecessary appendages so the infinity scarf was just an easier, more sensible alternative.

Then I saw a life-altering pin on Pinterest​ called 'How to Turn Your Regular Scarves Into Infinity'. I clicked on it. At first I was irritated that I didn't figure this out sooner, but then thrilled to finally be able to start wearing ALL my scarves again.

To many women, scarves feel like a style security blanket, and spring doesn't mean you have to part with your go-to accessory.

Spring is my favorite time of year to wear scarves because they start serving as fashion, no longer function (and warmth). The fabrics and textures lighten up, and so do the colors. I can still wear my transitional winter/spring wardrobe but add a fun, new scarf. I even like wearing fashion scarves with t-shirts and jeans. It feels effortless and comfortable, two things every woman needs/wants in her daily wardrobe.

Mixing + Matching

As soon as we laid eyes on Luca + Stella last summer at market, we knew we had to have them. It's a local Rhode Island based company? Yes, please. Then we heard that the line was created as a tribute to the designer's late brother who lost his battle with Leukemia at 33, and these beautiful bangles felt even more meaningful.
(P.S. If you missed The Providence Journal's Sunday article, grab some tissues and read on...…/1503298…/-1/breaking_ajax)
These Luca +Stella bangles are unique, pretty, perfectly priced (28.-38.) and meant to be collected. I actually dare you to try choosing only one. They look great stacked with other brands too. I always recommend Luca + Stella for anyone as gifts, especially because each one comes with a meaning card. They come in 2 colors--oxidized brass and silver plated and 2 sizes--7" (for small wrists) and 7.5".

I have a ridiculous number of bracelets. I would count for you, but my almost 2 year old daughter has half of them stashed all over our house so the number wouldn't be accurate anyways. My style tip for tonight? Just mix and match...beads, metals, colors, finishes and textures. I rarely wear a bracelet by itself (it would get lonely, right?). I wear them if I need to liven up a neutral outfit or even based on what I feel like that day.

So here are my 2 favorite stacks (trust me, it changes daily) or feel free to shop our site for Luca + Stella:













The Statement vs. The Stud

Ah, the old 'Statement vs. Stud' debate. Women tend to root for either earring “team”.

I’d like to help settle the sides.

The Statement Earrings.

{savannah earrings 30.}

When to wear and how? This is the “queen bee” of the jewelry box. They work best with a really simple necklace (or none at all). I love them when the hair is pulled back. Why hide beautiful earrings? It’s just plain wrong.  They look amazing with short hair, it’s super feminine. Try not to be too matchy. Wear a statement earring in a contrasting color to an outfit, i.e. fuschia earrings with a navy top.

The Stud Earrings.

{sierra earrings 15.}

When to wear and how? If the statement is the “queen”, the stud is the “worker bee” of the jewelry box. Wear them every day. To school. To work. To the gym. Out for lunch. They are a great option if you’re wearing your hair down, they look so pretty peeking out. Wear them with a simple necklace. But my favorite time to wear studs is when wearing a fabulous statement necklace. You don’t want anything to take away from the necklace, but you don’t want to leave your ears bare.

I suggest picking one accessory to make a splash...earrings or necklace, but not both.

So who wins? It’s a straight up tie.

Shop Statement vs. Stud now:

the therapist is in…

Hello! Welcome to our very first installment of ‘the therapist’. I promise I will be your favorite ‘faux’ therapist. Why? Well, first off...I’m free. You don’t have to fret about missing appointments, or get into anything too heavy or deep.

Our little boutique was created with this simple philosophy in mind...’there’s nothing like a good dose of retail therapy.’ I can assure you that everything in therapy. boutique will be more affordable than a monthly therapy bill!

But sometimes, you can feel a little guilty doing it. Shop with us, and we’ll make your retail affliction guilt-free. As admitted accessory addicts and experienced 'retail rationalizers', our thought process is this--picking up a little bauble or fabulous top makes a bad day turn brighter.

So why does a quick shopping outing make us feel SO good? I’ll start off with a few reasons...

1. Accessories always fit.

fornash jewel earrings $25

So the jeans might be getting a little snug after all those holiday parties? I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little defeated after the denim wrestling match occurs in my closet. Typically, I blame the dryer. But have you ever had a pair of earrings, bracelet, or shoes let you down after eating too many desserts? I think not. We once had a customer (whose age shall not be revealed) tell us she loves to wear lots of accessories so people don’t notice her wrinkles. Genius. I mean, who is noticing crow’s feet when these earrings are drawing you in?

2. Shopping for accessories is an easy way to introduce color into your wardrobe.

I have another confession. As much as I love color, I am obsessed with grey. My closet consists of 3/4 grey-type clothing. If you ask most women, their staple wardrobe pieces are, sadly,, camel, or grey. But is it really sad? How amazing does a neutral look with (fill in the blank). A yellow scarf?  Red ballet flats? Turquoise chandelier earrings?

If we can’t get out of our clothing comfort zone because of our mood, shape or our size, we can’t possibly imagine wearing an orange top. However, we certainly can dare to experiment with color. If I were to poll every reader, I bet their winter jacket would be a neutral shade. I get it, it’s safe. My coats are white, grey and black. I rest my case. But throw in a pair of burnt orange Echo Touch Gloves with that camel coat, and you’ve made yourself a statement without commitment. Love.

3. It’s not reasonable to overhaul your wardrobe every month, but a fun accessory or new top might be just the thing that makes the same old outfit new again

Chandi Ukat Scarf $68

So you love wearing your favorite jeans and boots. You can change up your look with a new scarf, pair it with your favorite comfy top, jeans, leggings or skirt and textured tights, and voila! THREE new outfits. I really do get a skip in my step when I buy a new piece. My husband even teases me because I must take my new purchase out of the bag immediately. And by immediately, I mean right after putting on my seatbelt. I can’t help myself.

I realize I might be alone on this one, but full disclosure here, does anyone else choose their outfits around an accessory? I have loved a pair of earrings, bracelet, etc. so much that it inspires the rest of the day’s wardrobe.

Fornash Gecko Bangle $25

I realize I might not sound like a very good ‘therapist’ right about now...more like an addict.

Now enough on the psychology of ‘retail therapy’...we invite you to stop by and let therapy boutique brighten your day!

Stay tuned for the next blog... new ways to wear your scarves!

April 13, 2013 — Courtney Libby