I'm really excited about this week's style tip. We all love scarves, right? Well, once the fashion world introduced us to the infinity scarf, I wondered how we went so long without this fantastic invention.

Then something sad happened. I ignored all of my regular scarves because they felt too cumbersome. Toting two toddlers around will seriously make anyone reconsider any extra unnecessary appendages so the infinity scarf was just an easier, more sensible alternative.

Then I saw a life-altering pin on Pinterest​ called 'How to Turn Your Regular Scarves Into Infinity'. I clicked on it. At first I was irritated that I didn't figure this out sooner, but then thrilled to finally be able to start wearing ALL my scarves again.

To many women, scarves feel like a style security blanket, and spring doesn't mean you have to part with your go-to accessory.

Spring is my favorite time of year to wear scarves because they start serving as fashion, no longer function (and warmth). The fabrics and textures lighten up, and so do the colors. I can still wear my transitional winter/spring wardrobe but add a fun, new scarf. I even like wearing fashion scarves with t-shirts and jeans. It feels effortless and comfortable, two things every woman needs/wants in her daily wardrobe.