Everyone needs to have a favorite every day necklace. One you can wear with anything, and it should hold some meaning.
My style tip for is to try layering your necklaces. It's such an easy and modern way to tell your 'story' (or at least how you're feeling that day!). Change it up, mix your metals, and have fun.
Personally, I go through phases, but my every day necklace for the last few months is Dogeared​'s original {karma} necklace. I have it in silver and gold. It's pretty, simple and when anyone asks about it, it's a universal reminder. Who doesn't believe in karma?!
After this post, I'm feeling like I need the Massachusetts and Rhode Island necklaces to layer. Raised in MA, but in RI for the last 10 years, it might be time to update my 'story':)