Hello! Welcome to our very first installment of ‘the therapist’. I promise I will be your favorite ‘faux’ therapist. Why? Well, first off...I’m free. You don’t have to fret about missing appointments, or get into anything too heavy or deep.

Our little boutique was created with this simple philosophy in mind...’there’s nothing like a good dose of retail therapy.’ I can assure you that everything in therapy. boutique will be more affordable than a monthly therapy bill!

But sometimes, you can feel a little guilty doing it. Shop with us, and we’ll make your retail affliction guilt-free. As admitted accessory addicts and experienced 'retail rationalizers', our thought process is this--picking up a little bauble or fabulous top makes a bad day turn brighter.

So why does a quick shopping outing make us feel SO good? I’ll start off with a few reasons...

1. Accessories always fit.

fornash jewel earrings $25

So the jeans might be getting a little snug after all those holiday parties? I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little defeated after the denim wrestling match occurs in my closet. Typically, I blame the dryer. But have you ever had a pair of earrings, bracelet, or shoes let you down after eating too many desserts? I think not. We once had a customer (whose age shall not be revealed) tell us she loves to wear lots of accessories so people don’t notice her wrinkles. Genius. I mean, who is noticing crow’s feet when these earrings are drawing you in?

2. Shopping for accessories is an easy way to introduce color into your wardrobe.

I have another confession. As much as I love color, I am obsessed with grey. My closet consists of 3/4 grey-type clothing. If you ask most women, their staple wardrobe pieces are, sadly, neutral....black, camel, or grey. But is it really sad? How amazing does a neutral look with (fill in the blank). A yellow scarf?  Red ballet flats? Turquoise chandelier earrings?

If we can’t get out of our clothing comfort zone because of our mood, shape or our size, we can’t possibly imagine wearing an orange top. However, we certainly can dare to experiment with color. If I were to poll every reader, I bet their winter jacket would be a neutral shade. I get it, it’s safe. My coats are white, grey and black. I rest my case. But throw in a pair of burnt orange Echo Touch Gloves with that camel coat, and you’ve made yourself a statement without commitment. Love.

3. It’s not reasonable to overhaul your wardrobe every month, but a fun accessory or new top might be just the thing that makes the same old outfit new again

Chandi Ukat Scarf $68

So you love wearing your favorite jeans and boots. You can change up your look with a new scarf, pair it with your favorite comfy top, jeans, leggings or skirt and textured tights, and voila! THREE new outfits. I really do get a skip in my step when I buy a new piece. My husband even teases me because I must take my new purchase out of the bag immediately. And by immediately, I mean right after putting on my seatbelt. I can’t help myself.

I realize I might be alone on this one, but full disclosure here, does anyone else choose their outfits around an accessory? I have loved a pair of earrings, bracelet, etc. so much that it inspires the rest of the day’s wardrobe.

Fornash Gecko Bangle $25

I realize I might not sound like a very good ‘therapist’ right about now...more like an addict.

Now enough on the psychology of ‘retail therapy’...we invite you to stop by and let therapy boutique brighten your day!

Stay tuned for the next blog... new ways to wear your scarves!

Courtney Libby